Android 12 is the next Android update that Google will announce at an upcoming event. And as usual, the leaks for Android 12 have already started. According to the available leaks, Android 12 looks great with major improvements to the user interface. And if you see Android 12 leaks, they all have the same wallpaper. It may be the basic Android 12 wallpaper that comes with it by default. You can download Android 12 wallpapers for your device here.

Since the Android 12 leak has only just begun, it is too early to say that the wallpaper will be officially included in the operating system. We managed to get our hands on the leaked Android 12 wallpaper, which you can download here. Before we move on to the download section, let’s talk about some of Android 12’s features.

Android 12 has more to offer than expected, including a big change in the user interface. An initial leak of Android 12 shows that it could have a nice widget feature that displays notifications such as missed calls, messages, alerts, reminders, and more. This will make it even easier to follow and reply to discussions than chat bubbles on Android 11.

It has advanced privacy settings that specify which permissions running applications can access. This feature was introduced in a previous update, but has not yet been implemented. It is now making its way to the public with Android 12. It shows the camera, video camera, and location icons in the notification bar when you use it, so you can take the appropriate action.

Android 12’s notification bar also appears to have been updated with a difference in the rounded corners. Google has also chosen a color scheme in the notification panel that is quite different from that of Android 11.

Android 12 wallpaper

Following this trend, Android 12 will also include new wallpapers, just like other versions of Android. And the wallpaper that leaked will be part of the wallpaper collection for Android 12, a nature wallpaper that shows a beautiful mountain with a clear sky. Just a few days after the leak, custom Android 12 wallpapers are already available for you to get on your phone. We will also share some good modified wallpapers (source), if you like, you can apply them to your phone. You can see the Android 12 wallpaper preview below.

Note: The following wallpapers are for preview and presentation purposes only. The preview is not in the original quality, so you do not need to download the images. Please use the download link in the download section below.

Android 12 Stock Backgrounds – Overview

  • Android 12 Wallpapers
  • Android 12 Wallpapers

Download wallpapers for Android 12

You can expect big changes in Android 12, as well as a new set of wallpapers. And the first wave of leaks suggests that this will be the case, including some nice wallpapers for Android 12. The custom and original wallpapers for Android 12 are available in high resolution, so there will be no quality issues. You can download both Android 12 wallpapers from the Google Drive and Google Photos links. You can also find the Android 12 wallpaper collection in our PhoneWalls application.

After downloading, go to the Downloads folder and select the wallpaper you want to install on your smartphone home screen or lock screen. Open it and tap the three-point menu icon to install the wallpaper. That’s all you need to do.

You can also download – Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers

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