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Microsoft’s new tools, such as LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skills targeting, can help boost event registrations by allowing you to reach those in your target audience quickly and efficiently.

By leveraging the power of these tools, you can reach the right people with the right message, at the right time.

In this article, we will look at how Microsoft’s new tools can help you boost event registrations and increase conversions.

Microsoft recently launched two new targeting solutions, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and Skills Targeting, aimed at helping event organizers boost their registration numbers. Organizers can use these tools to target and engage with potential attendees with the right skills, job titles and industries. With the help of LinkedIn’s massive database of professionals who are actively engaged with relevant content on the platform and specialized targeting techniques such as Skills Targeting, Microsoft’s new tools help to increase the reach of events more effectively and efficiently.

LinkedIn Skills Targeting allows corporate event organizers to create an ideal candidate profile for their desired audience by narrowing down their selection criteria for a particular event by specific skills or job titles, increasing efficiency when sending out emails. This allows companies to save time crafting emails and personalizes each message based on the recipient’s skillset — boosting response rates and resulting in more successful registrations amongst target audiences.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is another tool that helps boost event registrations by sending messages directly to a massive pool of qualified prospects utilizing unique techniques such as segmentation and Intelli-SchmidtyMatchTM technology (which helps refine matches between marketers’ criteria and audiences). This ensures no matter how large or small your target group might be you can always be sure you’ll find qualified candidates specifically suited for your events.

Also, since these messages are sent directly to inboxes within LinkedIn they contain all necessary information related to an upcoming event so potential attendees don’t need to click through multiple emails just to get basic details about an event — leading them straight from engagement into registration resulting in greater overall success for your campaigns.

Microsoft boosts event registration with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skills targeting tools

Microsoft offers two powerful tools to help event organizers and businesses increase event registrations.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skills targeting tools allow companies to target their messages to the right audience and reach potential attendees more quickly and precisely.

This article will explore how these tools work and why they benefit event registration.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Microsoft’s new tools are designed to help boost event registrations. One of these tools is LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, which allows you to send personalized messages directly to an audience of potential attendees. In addition, the message can include a link to the event’s registration page, giving recipients one click access.

microsoft linkedin solutions yoy marchgrahamcnbc

Sponsored InMail gives users great ad targeting with built-in segmentation options that split up messages sent to different audiences based on geography, job title, company size, and more. You can even target based on skills listed on the individual’s profile, so you can be sure your message is only being seen by those with relevant skills for your event.

You can also track performance metrics in real time to have insight into how well your campaign is doing. This includes seeing how many email openings and click-throughs you get and how successful each segment is at registering for your event. With this data, you can optimize and refine your campaigns with ease.

Skills targeting tools

Microsoft’s new skills targeting tools in LinkedIn Sponsored InMail can help businesses and recruiters reach their ideal target audiences, with an increased success rate. Through skills targeting, marketers and employers can match job seekers and candidates with the right qualifications with the necessary job opportunities.

Microsoft’s advanced targeting capabilities allow recruiters to narrow the available talent pool to those candidates who have completed a specific course, have experience in a specific industry or role, or have gained specific certifications in their field of study.

The skills targeting feature also allows marketers and event organizers to filter their target audience by profession or region before reaching out through Sponsored InMail. This allows them to send more personable messages with tailored offers that resonate with each recipient better. Furthermore, it ensures that the sent messages are highly relevant, timely, and appropriate for different types of events from company conferences to team get-togethers.

Marketers and employers can use this tool to effectively communicate with potential leads about upcoming events and call for registrations from more certainly qualified attendees than ever before.

Benefits of Microsoft’s Tools

Microsoft recently launched two new tools designed to help event organizers target the right people and increase event registrations. These tools are LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skills targeting.

These tools give event organizers a unique opportunity to use Microsoft’s powerful tools to reach the right people and increase event registrations.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of these tools in more detail.

Increase event registrations

Microsoft’s new tools offer businesses a great opportunity to increase event registrations and engage potential attendees with targeted messages. With LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skills targeting tools, marketers can precisely target their potential attendees based on job title, industry, location, or even particular skills or interests.

You can easily create a customized message to the right audience using Microsoft LinkedIn’s targeting tools. This will make it much easier to reach out to potential event attendee leads who might not be interested in attending otherwise. LinkedIn’s sophisticated leveraging allows targeting across multiple networks simultaneously, so you can reach the right people wherever they are. Additionally, the personalized messages sent through Sponsored InMail ensure an even higher engagement rate than less direct methods like email or social media messaging.

microsoft linkedin marketing yoy marchgrahamcnbc

By combining applicable targeting and precise messaging, Microsoft’s tool suite is an ideal choice for event registration campaigns that need larger attendance numbers but don’t have much time to execute these campaigns. Leveraging these tools also helps improve customer acquisition rates by finding those genuinely interested in your offering or attending your event due to its relevance and usefulness.

Targeted messaging

Targeted messaging is a great way to segment audiences you wish to reach and boost your event registrations. Microsoft has recently released targeted messaging tools such as LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skill targeting to help reach the right audience with relevant messages and increase interaction rates.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is an engaging direct message feature on the social media site that allows you to send tailored emails directly to users. Advertisers can ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time by creating customized emails according to audience profiles. It also includes features such as real-time analytics, so you can quickly understand how effectively your campaigns drive registrations for your events.

In addition, Microsoft’s new skills targeting tools help identify potential attendees with desired skill sets or experience that make them suitable for your event registration objectives. Advertisers can now use this feature to customize messages directly aimed at more qualified audiences than traditional broad-based targeting techniques would allow them to do before.

Furthermore, advertisers can use those insights collected through these progressive targeting tactics and optimize their campaigns accordingly to maximize campaign results over time – resulting in increased event registrations and attendance numbers in no time!

Reach the right audience

Microsoft’s new LinkedIn Sponsored InMail tool enables brands to send personalized messages to the right people based on their demographics, interests, and skills. The skills targeting feature allows marketers to target their communications more accurately and give relevant information that resonates with the target audience. With more precise targeting, you can ensure your message reaches the right people and generate higher campaign open rates.

By utilizing the tailored targeting capabilities of Microsoft tools, you can have a better chance of achieving higher event registrations and engagement from potential attendees in a shorter time frame with less effort. Microsoft provides tools for creating and managing sponsored InMails—the perfect way to get stories out about upcoming events or programs and encourage registrations from people who might not have known about them. Plus, they help optimize your campaigns effectively through real-time analytics such as open rate tracking to gauge effectiveness.

Microsoft’s tools also provide in-depth feedback on the quality score of sent InMails, helping ensure that emails hit potential registrants correctly and personally addressed rather than mass sent or automated emails that recipients may filter out or ignore.

Take advantage of Microsoft’s powerful suite of marketing tools to reach an even bigger audience for increased event registration success today!

Strategies for Success

Microsoft’s new tools, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skills targeting, make reaching specific audiences easy and increasing event registrations easy. By leveraging the social media power of LinkedIn and its advanced targeting capabilities, event organizers can quickly and accurately reach the right audience to get them to sign up for events.

Let’s look at how to use these new tools to ensure event registration success.

Create engaging content

Creating engaging content is the cornerstone of successful event marketing. Your potential attendees will form their opinion about your event based on what you’re offering, so make sure that you create content that resonates with them. To make sure your content is engaging, use visuals and interactivity. For example, include articles and videos and other helpful content related to the event, stories from attendees in the past, interviews with speakers and more.

You can also use Microsoft’s new tools to help create more impactful event registrations. For example, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail allows you to send targeted messages directly to members of LinkedIn Groups or specific companies who may be interested in attending your event.

Through LinkedIn Audiences, you can build segments of users who meet certain criteria related to their professional experience or interests and send them tailored messages about your events too! Additionally, using LinkedIn Skill Targeting allows you to target users based on their job titles and skills to identify those people best suited for your events.

By taking advantage of these new options from Microsoft when promoting your events, you will be able to get more eyes on your offerings and ultimately secure more attendees at registration time!

Utilize data-driven insights

One of the most effective ways to boost event registration is by using data-driven insights. By leveraging data-driven insights, companies can better identify target audiences and craft tailored messaging that resonates with them.

Under this, Microsoft recently announced new LinkedIn Sponsored InMail and skills targeting tools which enable companies to strategically target users based upon their interests, skillset and past engagement behaviors. With these tools, marketers can now use consumer data to inform more data-driven decisions for event registration processes.

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For example, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail allows companies to customize invitations for recipients based upon their company, industry or job title. In addition, skills targeting also allows marketers to reach individuals possessing specific skill sets who are likely to be interested in attending events such as webinars or virtual conferences. This helps organizations effectively reach out to members of the desired target audience and boosts event registration rates while eliminating message fatigue that may occur with traditional generic outreach campaigns.

By combining these two strategies into an end-to-end campaign, organizations are better equipped to create customized messages that capture the attention of potential attendees and positively influence them into registering for events. With this approach, teams can build campaigns that cut through the noise while drastically increasing chances of success in boosting event registrations.

Test different strategies

If you’re looking to boost registration rates for your event, you can test different strategies and approaches to increase the reach and impact of your campaigns. Aim to use a combination of tools, from LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, which allows you to target people with personalized messages across their networks, to skills targeting, which helps you get your message in front of the most appropriate attendees.

You can also consider using other popular channels such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads for further promotion and reach. Identify regions or countries showing stronger growth in prospective event registrations and consider using localized campaigns targeting that particular audience. Once deployed, keep track of their performance so that you can adjust and improve overtime.


To help event planners more effectively reach potential attendees, Microsoft recently released two new tools to boost event registrations. The first is LinkedIn Sponsored InMail which allows marketers to achieve higher email open rates by targeting potential audience members with personalized messages based on specific demographics, job roles, etc. The second is Skills Targeting, which allows marketers to tailor their campaigns to target leads with specific skills or experience in particular fields.

Both of these tools can greatly improve marketers’ ability to reach out and connect with a more targeted or qualified set of people, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will be interested in attending the event and positively contributing to it. In addition, proper use of these new tools can also result in cost savings since they increase outreach effectiveness while lowering costs associated with broader marketing campaigns. Altogether, Microsoft’s latest marketing tools provide powerful new means for promoting events and helping generate interest among their target audience.

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