This section of Flutter explains how to use the radio button and radio list tile in the Flutter section.

Radio buttons are used when a user needs to select an option from a certain list of values. They are an integral part of the entire digital user interface, and Flutter has a widget for them!

Yeah, radio’s another widget in Flutter.

Example of an aerobatic radio

A simple radio widget looks like this:

Radio( Value
: Flutter, Value
groupValue: _method,
onChange : (value) {
setState(() {
_method = value;

It accepts the following arguments:

  • That means: Local value assigned to the radio
  • group value: Variable common to all radio stations (maintained status).
  • in Chenggea: A function normally used to update the variable groupValue.
    • When the user clicks on the radio, it performs the OnChanged function.
    • Because we use setState, the value of the group is equal to the value of Radio and is highlighted.

A practical example could look like this:

Screenshot of an application with radio buttons Actual scenario with radio buttons

The code for him is this one:

Preferred method {flutter, kettle, quick, beam}

The MyStatefulWidget class expands StatefulWidget {
MyStatefulWidget({Key}) : super(Key : Key) ;

_MyStatefulWidgetState createState() => _MyStatefulWidgetState();

the _MyStatefulWidgetState class expands State {
FavoriteMethod _method = FavoriteMethod.flutter ;

Widget Build(BuildContext context) {provides Scaffold(appBar : AppBar(Name : Text (What is your preference for application development?), Body: column (children) : ListTile(title: const Text(‘flutter’), host : Radio(value: FavoriteMethod.flutter,groupValue: _method,onChanged: (value) {setState(() {_method = value;}),},), ListTile(title: const Text(‘Kotlin’),line: Radio(Value: FavoriteMethod.kotlin,groupValue: _method,onChanged: (Value) {setState(() {_method = Value;});},),ListTile(Title: const Text(‘Swift’),Line: Radio(Value:,groupValue: _method,onChanged : (value) {setState() {_method = value;});},),ListTile(title: const Text(‘React Native’),Line: Radio(value: FavoriteMethod.responseNative,groupValue: _method,onChanged: (value) {setState(() {_method = value;});},),SizeBox(height: 40),RaisedButton(child: Text(‘SUBMIT’), onPressed: () {},],);}}.

RadioListTile makes it even easier.

RadioListTile is a combination of Radio and ListTile widgets.

Here is a very simple example of using RadioListTile.

title: const Text (‘flutter’), value
: FavoriteMethod.flutter,
groupValue: _method,
onChanged: (value) {
setState(() {
_method = value;

I hope this lesson has been useful to you. If you are interested in flutter, read the other flutter tutorials on this site. Some of them contain video courses.

Have fun while you learn!

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