In the United States, Verizon is one of the largest and most important wireless network service providers. Of all service providers, Verizon is the most privileged. Given its popularity, this does not mean that other service providers do not use the tower for their wireless and reliable coverage. However, some service providers require access from mobile phone operators to use Verizon towers to deliver their services.

Several mobile phone companies provide services to Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) that offer services to their customers. Each MVNO offers different services, different tariff plans, different billing and customer service for its users. These mobile operators rely on Verizon Towers to provide good coverage for their customers.

If you are a mobile operator that uses Verizon Towers and you want to switch to another operator without giving up your phone because you love it and pay for it. You can easily switch services without giving up your phone or Verizon coverage.

You can easily contact other Verizon compatible wireless carriers or use their towers for coverage. You can also purchase another mobile phone and let Verizon operate each of your phones as an MVNO.

Which wireless operators use Verizonmasts?

Which carriers use Verizon masts.

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1. Visible

One of the most diverse and unique mobile wireless networks Verizon uses for coverage is Visible. Visibly, you offer different services than other ISPs. You can change your services remotely from where you live. From their website you can do anything you want, such as pay bills, create accounts, take out subscriptions and much more.

For visible customers, only a $40 monthly plan is offered. In this context, you can benefit from unlimited call time and information on the Internet at 5 Mbps, which is considered fair enough for HD video streaming and mobile hotspots. Moreover, they do not bind you to their company by a contract, you can receive their plan according to your needs and you can unsubscribe.

You can get a visible phone that includes the most popular iOS in each model. You can also purchase the S Series up to Galaxy S9 and S9+. The Visible also makes it easy to replace an old phone with a new one.

So if you have an old phone that doesn’t work properly, or even if it’s in very bad condition and you can just turn it on, you can replace it with a new company phone. Usually the phone comes with Visible R2 ID, and this is also free of charge.

The advantages of

  • Support for iOS and S Series.
  • The business plan.
  • Good network coverage.
  • Internet 4G LTE is provided.
  • The access point is available for international travel.
  • Unlimited speaking time.


  • There’s only one plan.
  • In exchange for an old phone, only the visible R2 is supplied.

2. Direct entertainment

Direct calling is one of the most vocal WNVOs in the United States. If you live in a city where there is a Walmart, it is impossible for some people not to be aware of a direct conversation. It is also very popular almost everywhere, because you can get a plan in direct conversation with all service providers. Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! You heard right. In a direct call you will receive a card with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Direct conversation has a different plan, and these plans work with all service providers. These plans start at $35 per month and offer 3G Internet from $G LTE. If you want to surf the internet, you can buy $44 which entitles you to 25 GB of 4G-LTE.

Also, if you use the Internet even more, you can get unlimited LTE Internet for $50 per month. However, their speed may decrease after using the first 60 GB. In this respect, in addition to the Internet, direct conversation offers you free messages in conversation mode.

They also offer their customers international packages, including an unlimited access point and data subscriptions. In addition, free speaking time India, Mexico China Cana is also part of the international package of direct call providers. During a direct call you will receive a number of Android phones to purchase. You can get the S series, Galaxy series and many other android series

The advantages of

  • Compatible with all service providers.
  • Give me some data plans.
  • the availability of an international access point.
  • Free time for discussions in different countries.
  • Church service at Walmart.
  • The plan can be purchased remotely.


  • Not compatible with iOS generations.
  • Available for individual users only

3. Total wireless

Total Wireless uses Verizon towers to provide the best coverage for its customers. At the customer’s request, Total Wireless has developed various plans. You can choose one of these plans according to your needs.

Total Wireless is one of the cheapest MVNOs using the Verizon Tower. He starts his plans at $23 a month without data packets. If you want to surf the Internet, you can get a tariff plan for $33 per month with 5 GB of LTE data. But if, like all of us, you’re passionate about the Internet, you need to upgrade to a $47/month plan with 25GB of LTE data without any delay.

Total Wireless, unlike other MVNOs using Verizon, also offers family plans. These family plans range from $57 to $95. You can get a full wireless service for a few people. They offer a package for 2 persons with 15 GB shared internet, a package for 3 persons with 24 GB shared internet and a package for 3 persons with 25 GB shared internet.

You can add 5 GB of data to each of the selected plans for $10. You can also subscribe to unused data in the plan for the next month. You can also add next month’s data to the plan using these plans.

The Samsung series and the new generation S10 S10e stand out and are considered the best phones for full wireless connectivity. If you have another phone with a Verizon operator, just buy a new sim to get a full package.

The advantages of

  • Easy to use
  • Economic
  • Provision of individual and family plans


  • Samsung Series Compatible Only
  • Hotspots and international roaming are not available.

4. American mobile radio

US Mobile is not one of the most popular MVNOs among many. But they do have a number of interesting and attractive offers.

US Mobile cooperates with various mobile phone operators. These service providers include AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. If you are already a customer of Verizon or one of the other two networks, you can subscribe to the U.S. mobile phone rates. US Mobile offers the best 4G LTE coverage with Verizon network services

US Mobile offers you individual plans. If you are tired of wasting data and free minutes or wasting your data online, US Mobile is the best option for you. You can customize your plan. You can choose the amount of free speaking time, free messages, free access points, free data and much more.

If you can arrange and plan well, then the American mobile is the same for you. In addition, there are individual plans, family plans in the United States. To attract more users, there are also several reference programs and free guides for their plans.

The advantages of

  • Provide individual plans
  • Free test plan
  • Free orientation programs
  • Individual and family plans
  • Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.


  • No international entry point.
  • The date of roaming is expensive.

5. Xfinity Mobile

The Xfinity mobile appeared in 2017 and is not very popular today. Although they offer many services, they are limited to subscribers to the Internet services of Comcast’s Xfinity. If you are an Xfinity home internet subscriber, the use of an Xfinity mobile phone can have many advantages.

You can subscribe to their services online or visit their office. Xfinity gives you unlimited speaking time, unlimited free messages and access to 18 million access points around you. They also provide 100 MB of shared data for all lines connected to the home Internet service.

If you can meet your internet needs with an access point or that 100MB, that’s fine. You can also add more internet by upgrading your status to a premium package. Here you can pay $12 for 1 GB or get unlimited 4G LTE internet access for $44.

You can use this internet with a good speed up to 20 GB, then the speed can be reduced for limited and unlimited packages. You can use your old phone after connecting it to the MVNO. They provide you with Samsung mobile phones, Apple devices. You can choose a new generation Samsung Galaxy Series or Apple phone at very low prices.

The advantages of

  • Plans can be updated.
  • Call and message times are unlimited.
  • Offering connections to 18 million access points.
  • Compatible with Samsung and Apple.
  • New phones are available at affordable prices.


  • Only available for Comcast Internet subscribers.
  • 100 MB internet are available in a common data plan.
  • Older phones cannot be used.

6. Mobile radio spectrum

Spectrometers work like Xfinity plans. Mobile frequencies are only available for Internet subscribers at home. In addition to these home Internet services, Spectrum Mobile offers free call time, text data and in-country access points.

The spectrum uses Verizon’s LTE network to provide these services. You can upgrade your plans by paying $14 for each GD and $45 for unlimited data. Spectrum charges a one-time connection fee of $10 for subscribing to its services. The speed of your data decreases after the first 20 GB of sage.

The spectrum is compatible with the telephone line. You can get the Galaxy series phone, the Samsung iPhone XS and much more.

The advantages of

  • Plans can be updated.
  • Call and message times are unlimited.
  • Compatible with Samsung and Apple.
  • New phones are available at affordable prices.


  • New users will be charged an activation fee of $10.
  • Only available for Spectrum Internet Service subscribers.
  • Less Internet in terms of general data availability.
  • The access point is available in the country.

Frequently asked questions [FAQ]

Which other carriers use the Verizon network?

Network operators using the Verizon network may not be as popular as other service providers, but they are still available on the market. You can record cells that use a Verizon-based network with other operators. Together with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile will meet the compatibility requirements of their operations.

Which operators use the Verizon network?

1. Several mobile operators use the Verizon network to solve specific problems and mobile phones to meet their needs.
2. There are several operators based exclusively on Verizon. Several cells and VNOMs use the Verizon network for their operations and processing.
3. Some mobile operators, such as Sprint, offer their services in partnership with Verizon to provide specific MNVO services.
4. Some processing modules also offer a combination of AT&T and the Verizon network.
5. The AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon networks are also used by several mobile communications companies.

Are AT&T and Verizon using the same towers?

AT&T has the same physical towers in some rural areas where there is no other infrastructure to provide its services. However, because Verizon and AT&T offer different services at different wavelengths, frequencies and speeds, they need different and multiple towers to provide better performance for their operators.


Different mobile phone companies use different service providers to offer these services. These service providers are Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. These providers offer different packages and negotiate with them to meet the growing theoretical demand. These service providers check the availability of their network using the towers.

Mobile phone antennas use earphones to adjust the frequency range and much more. Verizon offers the best network coverage, even in rural areas. In addition, working with Verizon has the advantage of providing better network coverage by transmitting the best signals and using reliable packages.

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