No matter what you do or what business you own, in today’s world you need to get a foothold in social media. Social media presence increases brand awareness and leads to greater engagement. It is also the fastest way for business owners to promote themselves and get feedback from their customers to improve or expand their services. The two biggest social media platforms that all agencies and businesses should have a presence on are probably Facebook and Twitter. The reason is simple. They have the majority of users. The question is which of them does all these things best. Given the recent Facebook scandals and global decline in popularity, we think it’s time to move on to Twitter.

Why Twitter?

If you want to be known both locally and globally, Twitter is the solution. Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media platform, with about 59% of active users and 21% of the world’s population on the site. The numbers are increasing every day. In the United States alone, nearly 69 million people use Twitter. The numbers are far more impressive than any other social network. So you see you need to put your business or agency on Twitter.

Advertising on Twitter ?

This is not a list of all the services Twitter offers, but rather those that are useful for managing your business or promoting your agency. First of all, you can promote a tweet about anything and it will appear on a calendar with Twitter users around the world for a significant amount of time. This is how advertising works on the site. It encourages engagement and attracts potential customers.

What else does Twitter offer?

But there’s more. With recent updates and layout changes, Twitter has added Story and Twitter Live options. You can now add your ad to the Twitter story on your personal page for 24 hours and repeat it as many times as you like after the date. You can also go live on Twitter and present your brand and communicate with your current and potential customers. The videos on Twitter are powered by Periscope, and anyone can use them for any purpose.

What can you do…

At first, it may be harder to establish a Twitter presence, but it is manageable. You don’t have to have an extraordinary number of followers to get your story viewed or a decent number of live views. You can simply purchase a Twitter Live video to get started and give your business or agency a promotional boost. The thing about Twitter is that it’s very easy to go viral, and once you do, you can’t stop. You also have a better chance of getting tested.

So, what you need to do……

You can keep your Facebook page and continue your activities on it. But what you need to know is that you should sign up for Twitter if you haven’t already, and start building your brand there, because it’s clearly the most popular social platform right now. Once you’re on Twitter, you’ll see for yourself. It’s much easier to navigate and leverage your business. You can use all of these great services to your advantage, and most of them are completely free.

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