MediaBox HD

The popularity of online streaming has grown exponentially in recent years. Streaming applications and websites have changed the way we consume entertainment. With these apps on our smartphones, we have the latest movies, series and everything else available anytime, anywhere. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are pioneers in online streaming. Today, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, NBC Peacock and HBO Max have also entered the streaming industry as apps. However, their services are paid for and not all users are interested in paying for them.

That’s why the culture of free mobile movie applications is booming. Mediabox HD is one of the best free streaming movie applications for Android phones. With this free movie streaming app, you can easily stream movies and series to your smartphone. Users will find a huge catalog of movies and TV shows. The video and audio quality is also high. The numerous servers available on the site ensure an uninterrupted flow of data.

The application has a simple user interface that allows you to easily navigate through the application. You can find any movie or series title by using the search option. The offline download option allows you to download HD-quality movies to watch later. These premium features are available exclusively and for free on the Mediabox HD. However, this application is not available on the Google Play Store because it offers free copyrighted files. You need to download it from third-party sites. It is not the only free movie viewing application that offers all the premium streaming features for free. We have listed some of the best similar applications here, such as MediaBox HD, so you can access free movies with just a few clicks.

MediaBox HD alternatives for watching free movies online

These are not only the best MediaBox HD alternatives, but also some of the best free streaming sites. Some are legal and some are illegal.

Suspension films

This is one of the most popular applications because you can find great documentaries in addition to the best collection of classic movies. The best part is that it is a free movie application and the environment is very user friendly. This could be one of the best alternatives to the HD MediaBox. Snag movies are legit, so the collection won’t be as large as the HD MediaBox, but if you like classic movies, this is the best choice for you.


It is one of those great apps that allow us to watch the best movies and series streamed from our Android phone. It is very easy to navigate through the application as all content is perfectly catalogued by category, in addition to an excellent specialised search option. If you are looking for some of the best apps for watching movies online, here is your list.

Titanium TV

When it comes to finding the best apps to watch movies on your mobile device, Titanium TV should not be overlooked. With this great option, you can watch free movies on your smartphone or tablet with a catalog you can’t leave behind. When you see that this movie player application is for you, it will become your favorite. This is a copy of Terrarium TV, which was banned a few years ago.


It is one of the mobile cinema apps most appreciated by users, and for good reason. In addition to this free application, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, music, photos and even all kinds of viral content that revolutionize the Internet.


Although the name sounds like Netflix, you’ll have hours of fun with this alternative to the HD MediaBox. Horror, adventure, thriller, romance, drama classics, premieres, independent films and many other categories can be explored from your phone to enjoy with your friends wherever they are. It really could be the best alternative to the HD MediaBox.

Sony Crackle

Since Crackle is a Sony offering, we can guarantee that it will have a great collection of movies and series. The Crunch is free, so there will be ads. In addition to films and television series, the list also includes documentaries. With this MediaBoxHD alternative, you can enjoy hours of your favorite audiovisual content on your mobile phone. It is a very easy to use application that offers many features to the users.


It is one of the most popular HD movie applications among users. The content covers a variety of categories, and the best part is that the charging time is excellent, even on phones that aren’t state-of-the-art. Either way, you will find a wide range of movies of all genres to delight your cinematic mind.


This is one of the free applications for watching movies where you can find alternatives for all tastes. By this we mean that if you like free movies, you will find them on this Premiere movie app, but you also have the option to choose a paid option to watch exclusive content with premium features that you will fall in love with.

CyberFlix TV

Here you will find hundreds of movies, TV shows, TV series and documentaries where you will find the best entertainment for your leisure time. The application has a beautifully designed catalog that makes it very easy to find anything you are looking for. According to fans of the app, everything you’re looking for can be found here.


You can download this easy to use application to your phone that will give you hours of fun. At any given time you can choose from popular movies, TV series, family content, kids content and leading movie genres, with horror, comedy, action and drama being the audience favorites. A great option that gives you access to the best of cinema wherever you are.


If you’re looking for quality movies, TeaTV might be one of the best alternatives to the HD MediaBox, as it offers a fantastic catalog that will blow your mind. The content is free, and you can browse through a sea of categories where you can find series and movies of all kinds. One of the benefits is that one of the movie applications on your phone downloads new releases faster.

PlayBox HD

Not only is the name of this free movie application similar to that of MediaBOX HD, but there are also many similarities in the catalog. The PlayBox HD has a super-functional application for finding movies, TV shows, TV series and documentaries. Therefore, it has become one of the best options for users of Android technology. With this application you are only one step away from enjoying free audiovisual content of the highest quality.

So these are some of the best alternatives of the MediaBox HD for watching movies and TV shows on mobile phones. You can choose the website application that suits you best.

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