M1 is currently the best network for business in Singapore. Many reasons support this claim. In this article, we will look at some of these reasons. You may refer to this https://www.m1.com.sg/business/products/cloud-services. They include;

Incredible connectivity

With the increasing popularity of mobile broadband technology, M1 can now be accessed from any part of Singapore via its vast network of over 10,000 retail outlets. It is the only network with nationwide coverage of over 10,000 locations. In addition, the availability of 4G LTE roaming services and the growing number of M1 4G LTE roaming partners around the world make it even more convenient for consumers to access M1’s digital services anywhere, anytime.

Strong customer service

M1 provides a reliable network with clear, consistent messages to consumers about service and billing issues. Its service teams are trained and constantly updated on the latest technologies, including mobile broadband technologies, to ensure that consumers can always expect the best service experience. The network has also partnered with local retailers and brands to provide the most convenient retail experiences for customers. M1 also offers its customers several innovative services that are often unavailable from other operators. For instance, M1’s 24-hour hotline provides its customers with free advice on all topics related to their homes and businesses.

Mobile payment and rewards programs

M1 offers a wide range of mobile payments, including digital wallets, mobile banking, and M1 Cash card. These payments are designed to enhance mobile consumers’ experience in the digital age.

A rich content and app ecosystem

M1’s extensive online content library allows its customers to watch, listen and read a wide range of entertainment content, from sports and news to dramas and documentaries. The network’s unique apps are available to download on iOS and Android devices. They are designed to make it easy for customers to access their favourite TV and movies, as well as other services such as games and social media apps.

No roaming fees

M1 provides customers with zero roaming charges across all its retail locations. This means that when they are travelling overseas, they will not have to pay expensive roaming charges when using the M1 network. The only exceptions are for international data roaming, where customers will be charged by their home service providers.

The most secure

M1 offers a secure data transmission environment. Its network is protected with a robust cyber security platform. This makes it the ideal network for business customers, who need to protect their intellectual property and sensitive data. M1’s network is also protected by 24/7 surveillance, which means that there will always be an operator-led team available to respond to customer queries.

The most flexible

M1’s mobile network gives its customers the flexibility to access their favourite content, whether they are in Singapore or overseas. By using the M1 app, customers can access the M1 4G LTE network in any country around the world, even if they are travelling. They can also easily switch between 4G LTE networks seamlessly.


As you can see from the above discussion, M1 happens to be the best network for business. Its consumer offerings are well-rounded, with many innovative offerings to choose from.