You need to know this about Video Marketing as a Beginner

As a young company in the digital age, you need to focus on content marketing to create waves and maintain traffic. This principle applies to companies of all shapes and sizes. Video marketing is an integral part of an effective content marketing strategy.

With faster Internet speeds and better access, it’s no wonder that people watch videos at exponential speed. Billions of videos and users play on YouTube, making it the world’s largest video content platform. If you plan to increase traffic and the number of visits and transitions, you need to take care of your video marketing.

Video marketing refers to the use and inclusion of video in marketing campaigns and strategies. You can use the videos to increase your awareness, present products and services, improve customer service, and so on.

Why use video marketing?

If you’re wondering why you should consider switching to something like HubSpot video marketing, here are a few reasons:

Video marketing helps you increase your online presence

You can’t survive in the digital world without being online. Creating content on the internet helps you to show people that you exist. Video marketing is an effective tool in this respect, because video is more fun than other forms of content.

People tend to click and watch videos instead of reading blog posts. If they like what they see, they will probably share it in their social media feeds. Do you want to create an online presence? Video marketing can do that for you.

Contributes to building trust

Becoming a reliable and trustworthy option in the eyes of your audience is essential for obtaining, converting and retaining leads. Video can do more than blog posts and computer graphics to build trust and convince your audience to respond to your call to CTA. What for? Because video is more personal than other forms of content.

Increase your shares and shareholding

With millions of people on social networking sites, you can expect to find your target audience on most social networking sites. Social media users publish content throughout the day, which means you have to let them publish your content to increase traffic and engagement.

If you want your message to get across, you need to provide exciting and emotionally stimulating content. People usually exchange videos that evoke feelings, so videos that appeal to your emotions and imagination are usually different. Do you want to control the movement and strengthen its involvement? Create valuable videos that feel the emotions.

Increase in turnover

As mentioned before, the video is relatively more realistic. They humanize your brand, help improve your online presence and increase brand awareness. Video not only allows you to generate clues, but also to convert and save them.

You can create forward-looking videos tailored to your needs. You can create training videos for customers who already own your products, brand awareness videos for new visitors, and live streaming to answer questions and engage your audience.

What are the main types of video marketing?

Before looking for free video editing software, you need to know the basic types of video marketing:


Training manuals or videos are essential. It is not enough to have your point of view to buy your product or service. You have to make sure they take advantage of it, i.e. you have to show them how to set it up and use it. If you want to keep your customers, that’s the key.

Frequently Asked Questions Video

You can use the video to answer frequently asked questions. It’s a great way to save time while helping your customers and supporters.


If written exams work well, video exams are more effective. From your point of view, the feedback shows that your product works and that it addresses common issues and concerns so that you can build a relationship of trust with your audience.

Educational video

Most of your content should have educational value. Instructional videos to help you solve problems, ideas and questions. Depending on the destination, you can record long or short videos. A great way to promote your video is to create long videos for YouTube and convert them for other platforms like Instagram and Facebook and redirect your followers to your videos on YouTube.

Video culture for companies

Here’s another great idea for video content that works well if you’re planning on hiring talented people. Your potential employees need to know what to expect from your company before they consider hiring. The corporate culture videos help you to give your viewers an idea of your company.

Promotion rolls

Advertise the existence of your brand. You can shoot small ads to know your target group. Be sure to indicate what your brand is and what your audience can expect from you. You can also post promotional videos to announce brand updates or advertisements you have in your store.

360° Video experience

Do you want to get creative? Let’s consider the creation of a 360° video. Many local businesses make such videos to show potential customers what their entire site looks like. This format works very well if you want to offer potential buyers, customers or employees a virtual tour of your house, building or office campus.

As you may have already understood, video marketing is crucial to the success of your business if you want to be present in the digital world.

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