Mobile phones have become a necessary gadget, and losing them is a terrible experience. With the same computing capabilities as a PC, smartphones are an excellent device for storing and processing data. But in this busy life, people often forget their belongings, which increases the risk of loss or theft of their mobile phone.

So if you have an Android device and you want to know how to find a lost mobile phone, then you’re on the right side. In this article you will discover the different techniques and tools you use to find your inappropriate or stolen Android phone.

Methods for recovering a lost or stolen phone

There are several ways to find a lost phone. Here’s a list of methods you can use to get your Android device back if it’s lost or stolen.

Spyware tracking

One of the easiest ways to find a lost phone is to use spy applications. Spyware is convenient and widely available on the market.

To use such an application, simply download it from the official website to the target device and install it. Then you need to register in the application and create an account on your portal. And thanks to this account, you can follow all the movements of your device, so you can quickly find your lost mobile phone.

The recorded data is updated every 5 minutes so you never miss a track. All data remains synchronized in the cloud, so you can access your account information from any device at any time.

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So if you’re wondering how to trace the last position of my phone, spyware can do that for you. No technical knowledge is required to use these applications, making them one of the most popular choices among the population.

Tracking using an IMEI number

The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit code authorised by the GSMA and serves as a certificate for the identification of phones. Each time a mobile phone uses the network to send or receive a call or message, the IMEI number is automatically sent and checked.

However, only legal entities, including the police and mobile phone service providers, have access to the database of all these numbers. You can use it to blacklist phones that have been reported lost or stolen by users.

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However, there are many applications that can help you use your own IMEI number to find a stolen phone.

Use the Find my device function to track your phone.

Google has a great application called Find My Device that allows you to find your lost phone remotely.

Just download the Search for my device application from the Google Play store. If you need to find your device, go to the Search for my device website and log in to the account associated with your lost phone. The application interface allows you to locate your lost mobile phone using Google’s satellite maps. You can enlarge the map to get a better overview and follow your exact location.

You can make the unit ring even when it is in silent mode. If you cannot recover your device immediately, or if you are sure it has been stolen, Find My Device lets you remotely delete all data from your phone.

Dropbox Help

If you plan to find a lost mobile phone, you can use the dropbox. Your Android phone should come with the Dropbox application, which is usually pre-installed on many devices. Save the charge camera function in it.

For example, if your phone is stolen and a thief clicks on a photo with it, it is automatically downloaded to your dropbox without your knowledge. In this picture you can find the thief or his estimated location and report him to the local police station.

Find your lost phone with Google Home

It’s just as unpleasant to lose a phone at home, isn’t it? Because people at home are rather careless, you can even lose your smartphone, which can lead to extreme disappointment in an emergency. But if you have Google on your device, you don’t have to search multiple ways to find a lost phone, because your Google wizard can do the work for you quickly. You’re wondering how?

Your Android phone must be registered with the same account as your Google Home account. Your mobile phone must remain switched on and connected to the Internet. All you have to say is: Okay, Google, find my phone. The phone will then automatically ring even if it was in silent mode. But keep in mind that this only works if your device has an active internet connection.

Now, you might have some questions in mind, like what would happen if someone stole my phone and turned it off? What if my phone’s battery is running low?

It’s pretty hard to find a lost cell phone that’s switched off because it’s not transmitting a signal. The above tracking methods will not work if your mobile phone is switched off because the GPS cannot track it.

Therefore, only a mobile application can be used in this case to store the last position of the phone, i.e. the position just before the Android device is switched off. It is advisable to always install such applications on your mobile phone, because you never know when your device may be lost or, even worse, stolen.


Most people store important data in their phone, which, if lost, can only be an injury. And if you have already lost your phone, use the methods described above to find a stolen phone. However, to avoid such failures in the future, you should always be sufficiently cautious, alert and responsible when using your smartphone.

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