Technology makes both complicated and basic business operations very easy. In an online business setup, even a single person can run a small online shop by using the right tech tools, software, and applications. For a big B2B company where teams work together to complete tasks, it is crucial to create automated workflows. Microsoft 365 workflow tools are the best for Ms. Office and SharePoint users because they automate important functions.

Microsoft 365 workflow tools save a lot of time and other resources by automatic manual processes and tasks that would have taken employees a lot of time in an organization. So, what are the options for B2B and B2C companies? Read to find out more.

Whether you use the original Microsoft 365 dynamic or have integrated with an ecommerce software, you will enjoy dozens of customized workflow automation to help your business scale up and increase sales. Here are some popular results for using the Microsoft 365 workflow tools.

Document Generation

Automating document generation is the most popular automation with Microsoft 365 workflow tools. Both input and output to a document are generated, signed, and approved automatically if these customizations are done. But it can be customized to look and work as the client wants. The process of doing this is easy and clear on any platform your company is using, so make sure it is well set.

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Batch Processing

Any task that is needed in large numbers in Microsoft office and SharePoint environments can be automated using the Microsoft 365 workflow tools. You can imagine how much time your teams will save with automating file downloads and uploads, email sending, and many other operations. If you are tech-savvy, you can do this easily, even for a small business right on your mobile phone.

Approvals and Three-State Approval

There are many types of approvals in an organization. Those that are automated through the Microsoft 365 workflow tools save a lot of time and resources. They also make operations very easy. The three-state approval, for instance, involves the automatic sending of a document to the authorized person for approval before it is sent to the intended recipient. Through customization, many other automated approvals can be done.

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Create, Update, and Read Data

With data, there is always the need to create, read, update, and delete. No one knows when such a need will arise. For the efficiency of business operations, automation of these tasks is important in any e-commerce business operation. But how does it work? It involves sending data that needs editing to authorized team members automatically for actions and approvals.

Final Words

Whether your team uses SharePoint or Ms. Office 365 with internal or external data, taking advantage of Microsoft 365 workflow tools will help you achieve a lot. There are many other automations that you can do depending on what you intend to achieve in a business. A good e-commerce platform may have the most useful automation for you and the best tools to utilize, so choose the best.