Samsung's comments in Evernote Samsung’s comments in Evernote

Android runs Samsung devices, and Android is home to more than 2.95 million applications. Taking notes has never been easier, and with so many tools with great features, it’s hard to let your imagination run wild. In any case, Samsung Notes and Evernote are two popular applications. They’ve both been here a long time. What makes them different? The blog post describes the two covers of Samsung’s notes. Evernot (2020).



Samsung Notes is available on Android and Windows 10 compatible devices. There is desktop software that supports most Windows devices, but it is not synchronized with the mobile application because Samsung did not develop it. Desktop software has almost the same features and look and feel. The Android application can be installed via Google Play as well as via the Samsung Galaxy Store. Of course, the application is pre-installed on Samsung devices.

Evernote is a popular cross-platform application for taking notes. The application can be downloaded to mobile and desktop devices and browsers. Within a few years the company was registered in a limited management market. Evernote is a free application, but it limits the number of platforms you can use it on at the same time.

Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge Chromium. This extension is a great tool to capture and store web pages in your Evernote account. You can use the clip to record and comment on web pages, PDF files and articles. Nail clippers are free for basic use.


Samsung Notes and Evernote interface Samsung Notes and Evernote interface

Samsung Notes uses a simple design to display all your notes on the home screen. The application supports a dark theme, but does not have the possibility to activate the dark mode manually. It detects an active phone mode and applies colors. You can search the notes for notes and text. You can also sort, select and view your notes. The application uses the traditional Android menu style on the left, where you can find almost everything.

Evernote is not as simple as Samsung Notes, but that’s because it has more possibilities than a competitor. All notes are displayed on the main interface with a button to add a new note at the bottom of the screen. You can search the notes for notes and text. The menu on the left provides all options to customize the application.

That’s what it looks like: Samsung Notes vs. OneNote (2020) | The Final Battle


Both support three types of widgets on the Android platform. With Samsung Notes you can create or open a new note.


This cycle is an important comparison between Samsung Notes and Evernote. The following table compares the options available when adding and editing notes.

SamsungNotes Notes
  • bold text
  • text in italics
  • Text underlined
  • Checklist
  • numbered and marked lists
  • Align the text (left, right or center).
  • indented text
  • Changing the colour of the text
  • Select the text (different colors)
  • Changing the font size
  • Add photos
  • Take a picture
  • PDF Attach
  • Audio recording
  • Add an audio file
  • Add a text field
  • sign the text
  • bold text
  • text in italics
  • Text underlined
  • Checklist
  • Piece of text
  • strikethrough text
  • marked text
  • Add a translation line
  • Add photos
  • Recording (smart camera for automatic recording and cropping)
  • Memories
  • Audio recording
  • PDF Attach
  • Add other files
  • Drawing
  • Add a file from Google Drive

Sharing and exporting

Samsung and Evernote Ticket Exchange Features Samsung and Evernote Ticket Exchange Features

This cycle goes through Samsung Notes, as the application offers both partial and export functions. Evernote only offers exchange functions. Evernote lets you share an ink note with viewing, editing, and invitation rights. The action can be carried out by sending an e-mail or a link. For export, only sending a note by e-mail is supported.

With Samsung Notes, on the other hand, you can create a shared laptop that you can share with other users. It also provides tools for export. Users can export to an SDOCX file that can be opened in Samsung Notes, including the PC version. The application also offers the possibility to export notes to PDF files, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, images and text. You can also print the document directly from the application. These features make Samsung Notes a powerful application.

That’s what it looks like: Google Keep versus OneNote | The ultimate showdown (2020)

Other functions

SamsungNotes Notes
  • Opens a page for drawing notes when the pen is removed from the Galaxy note while the phone is in standby mode.
  • Allows you to import documents from your phone, Samsung account, and Google Drive.
  • Allows you to import and edit PDF files
  • A separate option is provided for dark themes
  • More than 65 templates for better document storage
  • Allows you to integrate Google Drive to view links to Google Drive.
  • Automatically records the details of the seized business card


Samsung Notes is a free application, but Evernote is not. The free plan limits the possibilities below:

  1. Up to two devices
  2. 60 MB monthly download limit
  3. Tickets up to 25 MB
  4. Offline access to the desktop version only
  5. Limited possibilities for exchange and integration

The Premium version is available in two versions. The individual premium costs $10 per month, which is allowed:

  1. Unlimited number of devices
  2. Monthly download limit of 10 GB
  3. 200 MB banknotes
  4. Offline access in desktop and mobile versions
  5. Better opportunities for exchange and integration

The final group plan costs $16.5 per month per user and offers a few additional features and ordering tools. A list of all functions can be found on the official website.

Which one is yours?

If you want free hardware on your Android device, Samsung Notes is for you. I recommend using Evernote if you have two different devices and want to sync your notes on the go. Samsung Notes offers some basic tools, but I’m a little worried that you can’t always take your ideas with you, regardless of the platform.


In the article Samsung Notes vs. Evernote discussed important aspects of both. I hope the information in this article has been useful. There is nothing more important than the feedback from the actual users. If you have time, please share your opinion in the comments below. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to receive future updates.