Bigo Live is a real-time video streaming application that was once very popular in India. When the Indian government discovered that Chinese Internet companies were maliciously stalking users and collecting data they shouldn’t, the government banned BIGO Live and some other popular applications developed by Chinese companies. If the BIGO Live application is not available in your country and you missed it, here is a list of 5 great BIGO Live applications you can use on your Android device, PC or iPhone/iPad.

Best apps like Bigo Live for Android, IOS and PC


Tango membership application

Tango is an old application. It was introduced in 2009 by the U.S. company JP Inc. as a courier service. When BIGO Live was removed from the Play Store, Tango’s popularity doubled as the application’s developers paid for the feature by adding a live streaming feature to their messaging application. Currently the application has more than 100 million users and gets an excellent score of 4.4 out of 5. Tango allows users to show their talents and win fans. It allows users to find people who are in the neighborhood and who live off the tango. Once you have found such users, you can watch their live broadcast. The application comes with live filters and has a leaderboard that lists the best channels of the day, week and all times. It allows you to filter the video by the country from which it was downloaded. You can comment on the video during the live broadcast. You can also send virtual gifts to broadcasters and encourage them. You can buy gifts with the coins you have been rewarded with or with the coins you have purchased.


Application of the periscope

The rating of the periscope in the Play Store is less than 3.5. He got a good 4.2 on iTunes. A periscope is a BIGO Live application that makes it possible to watch live videos made by people from all over the world. With the desktop version of Periscope, you can view live feeds without logging in or creating an account. However, it is recommended that users of mobile devices connect. Just like the tango, the periscope offers many possibilities. A broadcaster’s video may belong to a specific category. Categories in Peachcope are called channels. If you want to explore live feeds of a certain type, just click on the channel. The periscope shows the number of live broadcasts on each channel. With an application like BIGO Live you can comment on videos. It allows users to switch to video mode.


come to life

As soon as you follow someone on UpLive and the channel is live, you will be notified immediately. Another interesting feature of UpLive is that the application can deliver the live stream to five popular social media platforms at the click of a mouse. This function immediately increases the number of spectators. UpLive can translate a text from one language to another in real time. This allows users to exchange feeds. You can also save the feed in your album. UpLive is used by more than 10 million people. His rating on the Play Store is 4.1 and on iTunes is 4.1. Just like Periscope and Tango, UpLive is accessible in PC browsers.



Nonolive is similar to Bigolive, but also has live video game streams. This makes it a good alternative for Twitch and BIGO Live. The Nonolive desktop displays the standard game feeds. To view non-game-related feeds, click or select the Host option. As with the other applications I have made available here, you can communicate with users or broadcasters via live commentary. In this application events and tournaments are organized in which you can participate. It makes it possible to apply the effects to the face during a live broadcast.



In addition to the features of BIGO Live, StreamKar allows you to play games with other users and make 1-on-1 video calls. It also has a built-in karaoke function. StreamKar has a feature film called PK Challenge, in which one TV company competes with the other. You should enjoy your favorite presenter among them. The losers will have to take risks. StreamKar comes with a large number of stickers and filters.

Other features

Groups : The above mentioned video streaming applications, such as BIGO Live, allow users to create groups and video chats with friends.

Security: The content of the applications is checked regularly. If people find your live broadcast inappropriate and report your account, your account will be suspended.

Excellent video quality: The video signal is clean and streaming is uninterrupted. If you have problems buffering, check the speed of your Internet connection.

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